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Sport performance & diary products

- Interview with PhD Șerban Damian, sport nutritionist

Hello Mr. Șerban Damian and welcome to our factory online project. Are you so kind to explain to us in one word what is the link between dairies consumption and sport performance? Also, what is the most indicated diary product for sportsmen?

SD: Diary products are a group of aliments with great value for a good human body functioning due to the significant input of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipides) and micronutrients. Regarding the perfomers, we cannor say the diaries have a particular influence on them. They are as substantial  for them as for the people in general. But is still true that the body of a sportsman has an increasing need of nutrients, not only for supporting a great effort, but also for the rapid recovery between trainings and competitions, that’s why is especially important to have these nutrients in a good quantity and also from good quality sources as diaries.

We cannot talk about an indicated or non-indicated diary product. It’s about what is tolerating one person or another. If one can consum the whole range of products, we have an example of a lucky man who has nothing to lose, but contrary.

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