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- Interview with PhD Șerban Damian, sport nutritionist

Hello Mr. Șerban Damian and welcome to our factory online project. Are you so kind to explain to us in one word what is the link between dairies consumption and sport performance? Also, what is the most indicated diary product for sportsmen?

SD: Diary products are a group of aliments with great value for a good human body functioning due to the significant input of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipides) and micronutrients. Regarding the perfomers, we cannor say the diaries have a particular influence on them. They are as substantial  for them as for the people in general. But is still true that the body of a sportsman has an increasing need of nutrients, not only for supporting a great effort, but also for the rapid recovery between trainings and competitions, that’s why is especially important to have these nutrients in a good quantity and also from good quality sources as diaries.

We cannot talk about an indicated or non-indicated diary product. It’s about what is tolerating one person or another. If one can consum the whole range of products, we have an example of a lucky man who has nothing to lose, but contrary.

SD: Well, we cannot talk about an indicated or non-indicated diary product. It’a about what is tolerating one person or another. If one can consum the whole range of products, then he’s a lucky man and he will have nothing to lose, but contrary.
Milk has been proved a good alternative for rehidratation after the effort, cause it has in its composition not only carbohydrates, but also proteins, vitamins and minerals. Milk proteins such as casein and proteins from whey are the most valuable proteins in the human alimentation cause these proteins contain all the essential amino acids, proteins that are completely digested and assimilated, and then to be fully used for the recovery of cellular structure. Yoghurt is a good source of calcium and probotics and it is very good tolerated by those that are intolerance lactose suffering.  Sana and kefir are useful and tasteful varieties that have in their composition probiotics. Buttermilk and sour cream are useful especially in the big effort periods when the need of energy is very high (approx. 8-10.000 kcal/day) and becomes important to consume a bigger quantity of fats. Also, they are offering a significant quantity of vitamin D that helps fix calcium to the bone. Diary products are important sources of proteins, vitamin A and calcium.

What quantity of diary products should a sportsman  consume daily? E.g. a cyclist working out on a training.
SD: Generally, it is recommended the consuming of a 2-3 portions of diary products daily for a normal people.  One
portion means a milk mug, 200 ml of yoghurt, 50 grams of cottage cheese or a mug of fresh cheese (buttermilk is considered under the fats category). For a performer that makes great effort these portions could be double or tripled, related to the effort. Consuming diary products is especially important for women after 40 as a protection measure against osteoporosis evolution process that is becoming more and more pronounced between women, especially when menopause is installed.

There are many special drinks addressed to the sportsmen recovery after effort. What is your opinion, they are better than milk?
SD: Milk and diary products are just aliments, but rehidratation drinks or protein and carbohydrate concentrates are tailored for supporting the body in the after-effort period. This  range of products (concentrates) could be prepared with milk as for the sportsman benefit from both assets of products. From my point of view, a performer should  consume nutritive supplements, in the same time an amateur could base only on normal alimentation.

Which is the best time for a sportsman to consume diaries? Before, during or after the effort?
SD: Related to the effort, diares have a direct usability only after the training, helping the body to recover due to the carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins in its composition. During the effort, consuming diaries is not an option cause it is not digested very fast and thus it does not offer an immediately benefit. Before effort consuming is something usual as in the case of other many products, so we cannot speak in this case of a particular benefit.

What kind of diaries do you recommend for those having lactose intolerance?
SD: Through the fermentation process, lactose is removed and thus the disturbing effects of lactose intolerance are disappearing. Sportsman suffering of lactose intolerance should consume diary products as cheese, yoghurt, sana, kefir, curd, milkbutter, sour cream. Some persons have lactose intolerance only at big dose consuming, but still can consume 100-150 ml/day. So, testing the individual tolerance at milk may be very useful in order to not completely eliminate milk from the diet.

From these categories of milk – degresed, semi-degresed  or integral) what do you recommend to sportsmen?
SD: Sportsmen could consume diaries with integral whey composition cause their energetic consume is high and thus this supplement is welcomed, especially during competitions. Degreased and semi-degreased products may be recommended to sportsmen target losing or maintaining their weight, especially in sports with category of weight – e.g. boxing.

Please tell us what healthy mix of aliments could we try with diaries?
SD: It is good for diaries to be consumed separately, in this way they are best digested. However, aliments mixing is part of our life, so we can consume diaries in combination with breadstuffs (cereals or bread with milk, yoghurt, sana) or a mix of diary products and vegetables. It’s advisable to not mix diary products with meet products cause there is more
difficult to digest it. Not only the diaries are difficult to digest, but also the meet.

PhD Şerban Damian
Sport Nutritionist – CIO commissioned
President of Superfit Nutrition Centre, Bucharest

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